This is the story of the new and only neurosurgeon of Curacao

Dr. Ellianne dos Santos Rubio The only Neurosurgeon on the island. She has been working as a neurosurgeon for the past two and a half years following a 6-year specialization. As a neurosurgeon she performs surgeries of: The Spine Spinal Cord Nerves The Brain She was...

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This is Why We Love The Annual Fitness Challenge

This year marked the fifth anniversary of the challenge and it was better than ever. New to this edition was a 5 and 10 K walk, which was well received by the public. The challenge furthermore included the usual trademarks; an indoor fitness section consisting of...

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Aksel Cijntje- You Are A Hero

Your life could change in the blink of an eye. One day you could be crossing the street and a freak incident later, you become wheelchair bound. Although not a common occurrence, it is important for us to realize that no one is immune to something as devastating as a...

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The Truth About Acquiring Disabled Parking Permits In Curacao

I was given one small task by the Alton Paas Foundation: Find out how to procure a handicapped parking permit. As Alton explained, people naturally assume his foundation either has the stickers available, or at least knows where to get them (They don’t). But it’s not...

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Wheelchair, a good trade or tool of hope?

For some, it is something they do not want to see, for others it is a very sad tool, something malicious. Others use it for convenience and for certain privileges at some stage. For others it is a means to earn money, a good trade. For those with disabilities a...

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