Moving forward

The specialized facility in Curacao helping people with a paralysis to keep moving forward

Since 2016, the AP Center has given people suffering from paralysis a place that they can defy the odds, improving their quality of life by applying to one of our programs. With passionate assistants and certified trainers, our facility has bringing different benefits physically, mentally and socially because we believe that everyone that has the motivation to move forward are the ones that actually does and here at the AP Center we are the vehicle to help you move forward through exercise.

Our programs

Gym Membership

You can register to get one hour 2 or 3 times a week to workout independently on our specialized equipment’s and tools in our facility

Activity-based training

Based upon your goals we will create a one-on-one Activity-Based Training program guided by a certified Activity-Based Trainer with the goal to improve function and performance.

Guided Exercise

Based upon your functionality a trainer will create a custom-cut exercise plan where you will get hands-on instructions that you must follow using special equipment’s and tools within our facility.


My decision to go the AP Center has changed my life, and my thoughts. My trainers Michel and Valentina have so much enthusiasm and patience to help me that I would like to go to the training every day if that were possible. You get the inspiration through others fighting to move forward, be fit and to gain more. I am incredibly happy to see my progress in walking after only 1 month of Activity-Based Training at the AP Center.

Raysi Winklaar

Multiple Sclerosis

In November 2017 I started at the AP Center. I am seeing much progress with my hands. Now I can raise my right hand, move it, and bring it to my face. Those was things I could not do in the past. Through the exercises my body is more flexible. I am going with much enthusiasm to the AP Center of Fundashon Alton Paas. It is also a place to meet many people and make new friends.

Luti Vrutaal

Spinal Cord Injury

I am 91 years young and it is already 2 years that I am going to AP Center to do exercises that are helping me enormously. I can now move much faster. I do not have pain anymore and do not have to go to the physical therapist. I get up in the morning with much encouragement. I have to say that the trainers and assistants at AP Center are doing their maximum efforts to help everyone who nocks at the door of AP Center. They are immensely helpful and make me laugh every day.

Irma Kopra

Difficulty with mobility

Frequently Asked Questions

What is activity-based training?


Activity-based training is a neuro recovery program aiming to recover function on the affected areas of the body through repetitive patterned motor activities and the reintroduction of gravitational loading.

Who benefit the most from your programs?


People with spinal cord injury, stroke, VS, Cerebral Palsy and other types of conditions that has caused a paralysis


What is the difference between AP Center and a rehabilitation center


In a rehabilitation center the goal is to get you as independent as possible within your body’s functionality so that you can return home and continue with your daily live as soon as possible. In the AP Center the goal is to maintain what you have achieved during your rehabilitation process and stimulate your body and nervous system with the aim to recover more function on the effected part of the body.


How much does a program cost?


Dependent on your abilities and goals a representative will discuss the possible programs or combination of programs that fits your goals and budget

Are these programs covered by insurance?


The programs are not covered by insurance yet. You need to pay yourself. Well we have a collaboration with a physical therapist. You can ask your doctor to write a reference for physical therapy by this specific therapist. It will be a regular physical therapy session in our facility


The Team

Valentina Londoño

Valentina is a doctor, a CrossFit fanatic, and Neuro Ex Certified Activity-Based Trainer

Gibi Michel

Gilbert is a children’s sports coach, and one of our Neuro Ex Certified Activity-Based Trainer

Michel Jourdain

Michel is a holistic wellness coach and one of our Neuro Ex Certified Activity-Based Trainer

Nelson Julia

Nelson is an awesome cook and an assistant in our facility to help you with the equipment and tools during your workout hours

Gideon Hellement

Gideon is a bodybuilder as well as an assistant in our facility to help you with the equipment and tools during your workout hours.


Kiko ta Activity-Based Training?

‘Activity-Based Training’ ta un metodologia spesial desaroyá pa trein personanan ku a haña un leshon neurologiko, pa menshona dwarslesi, ataka selebral, MS, ALS, ets.. Esaki ta pone enfasis riba e partinan di e kurpa ku ta mas debil i asta sin funshon, hasiendo uso di...

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E diferensia entre AP Center i sentronan di rehabilitashon

Na Kòrsou tin diferente organisashon pa yuda personanan ku un desabilidat. Kada un ku su bentaha i desbentahanan. Kada unu a prueba nan derechi di eksistensia i e impakto ku nan tin riba bida di personanan ku un desabilidat. Meskos AP Center tambe tei spesial pa yuda...

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Dikon ta importante keda den moveshon?

Tin un dicho ta bisa ku ta un kurpa bo tin i bo tin kuid’é bon. Na momentu ku bo kurpa tin un paralisis e ta bira aún mas importante pa kuida pasobra e ta mas vulnerabel pa haña otro difikultatnan. Pesei awe lo bo por lesa e importansia i e benifisionan pa abo ku tin...

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