New program-Guided Exercise

Jan 4, 2020 | News

Starting this year at the AP Center, we have started a new program called ‘Guided Exercise’. We started in October 2016 the gym membership which is a program for people suffering from a paralysis to exercise independently. They needed to have a caregiver or family with them to do the exercises. They get access to our facility with all equipment and devices for two or three times a week. They received help of our trainer to put weights, setup device and explanation of the functionality of the equipments.
In 2018 we also started with the Activity-Based Training (ABT). This is a 1 on 1 training with a certified trainer. The ABT program is focused more on stimulating the nerves system to regain new function on the parts of the body that are paralyzed.
The experience of the last 2 years has shown us that we must adapt to serve our clients better.
The facts are:

  • that most of our clients are not in the position to exercise on their own,
  • they do not have a person to come with and
  • they do not know which exercise is to do.

That is why we have chosen to launch one new program. The Guided Exercise, called EbG (in Papiamentu Ehersisio bou di Guia) is the exercise we are promoting for the clients specially after they finished their rehabilitation program at the Rehabilitation Center Curaçao. Increasingly, multiple scientific studies have shown that it is important for this group of persons, on a long-term and regular basis, to receive physical training to improve their quality of life and prevent other conditions. Most scientific guidelines show that patients after a stroke and/or hemorrhage should receive physical strength and fitness training several times a week on a regular basis in order to achieve better quality of life. There is increasing scientific evidence that continuous training of the body gives a better quality of life in persons with neurological and/or neurosurgical disorders. That is why we have created this program that together with our ABT will be our core programs of the facility.

With this program the client will be evaluated, and the trainer will setup an exercise program for them. During the initial evaluation, the client will be able to share any short term or long-term goals, talked about his/her current condition, even medical history if relevant so that the trainer can be better prepared to help and assist them with their program.

In each session the trainer will be there to help explain, give instructions, and guide the client in their exercise for best results. At the end of each month there will be a report on the progress and update on the next month.

For more informashon you can always call or send us a whatsapp at 5100087.

Click here to see an explanation from one of our trainers in Papiamentu: