Fapiano Team

Jun 11, 2018 | News

One of the main pillars of our organization is volunteers. We are where we are thanks to the sacrifices and effort of volunteers. As a board we understand that:

  • We cannot do the work by ourselves
  • We cannot be everywhere
  • We won’t be there forever

One of the principles of a leader is to create more leader!

That is why we created a volunteer program called Fapiano team. A team of volunteer that supports and executes the vision to create a future without limitations.

To give this team a better structure to how they will contribute to the community we have allocate three types of volunteers:

  • Daily
  • Committees
  • On Demand

fapiano asci

Daily Fapiano
Daily Fapianos are people who have a specific schedule beforehand of how many hours they will be contributing. They support mostly our:

  • Exercise Center and
  • Wheelee


Committeesfapiano committee fitness challenge
For the committees we have Fapianos that are in specific committees to execute a plan, event or project such as:

  • The Annual Fitness Challenge
  • Monthly donor program
  • Caribbean Spinal Cord Injury Congress
  • Curacao Inclusion


Those committees does not have specific dates or hours that they contribute. It all depends on the committee and what has been agreed upon.


On Demand
The Fapianos that are on demand are those volunteers depending on what and when we need help, we can call them for their support.fapiano on demand

They can help with:

  • Public events in a Booth
  • Activity during an event
  • Sharing flyers/folders
  • Promoting our events and fundraisers


With all of these help we are everyday on step closer to creating our vision. Therefore we consider the Fapiano Team more as a family that has a passion of making positive change for the greater good of people with spinal cord injury or neurological situations.

If you feel a calling to be part of our journey and helping the spinal cord injury and paralysis community, fill in your name, email and mobile telephone below.