Amigunan di Fundashon Alton Paas

Jun 11, 2018 | News


‘Amigunan di Fundashon Alton Paas’ is a monthly giving program with the purpose to raise funds to provide special exercise program  and transportation for the people with disabilities and low income.

‘Fundashon Alton Paas’ believes in the ability, right and obligations of everyone with a spinal cord injury. Everyone with this kind of injury or any other neurological disorder deserves the opportunity to improve themselves physically and mentally, so they can provide for themselves and their family. ‘Fundashon Alton Paas’ strives for a community where everyone is seen and being treated equally.

That means you can see a father in a wheelchair bringing his kids to school, someone in a wheelchair opening his/her own business, a group of friends sitting in a cafe or in dancing club having fun while one of them is in a wheelchair.

When ‘Fundashon Alton Paas’ started to create that vision, the focus was primarily on exercise because of the benefits for people with spinal cord injury or any other neurological disorder. Working on that goal we realized all of the different existing obstacles for the disabled community such as:

  • Transportation
  • Accessibility
  • Awareness

And more….

Therefore ‘Fundashon Alton Paas’ started several projects to reach its goal. These projects are:

All these projects were possible thanks to the donations and sponsors ‘Fundashon Alton Paas’ received. As the foundation has grown throughout the years, it has made a big impact on the island and proven that it is possible to improve the quality of life of disabled persons.  ‘Fundashon Alton Paas’ is 100% dependent on donations, so it can keep helping the disabled community. Don’t forget that the most people in a wheelchair are unemployed and this makes it difficult for them to join the programs (exercises and Wheelee) of the foundation.

The monthly donors help the foundation cover the expense for someone that cannot pay for either exercise or transportation.
‘Fundashon Alton Paas’ has donors who give between Ang 3,00 and Ang 100,- a month. Every little donation is a huge support for the foundation.

We want to encourage you to become a monthly ‘Amigu di Fundashon Alton Paas’ by donating a little amount you can afford. You can do this by filling a ‘standing order’ or online with your credit card.

Gratefully for your contribution, you will receive 3 things in return from ‘Fundashon Alton Paas’.
You will receive:

  • Monthly email with developments of the foundation
  • Exclusive access to publications
  • VIP invitation (free) or discounts on special events

The ‘Amigu di Fundashon Alton Paas’ who donates more than ANG 150,- a year will receive a receipt for  return on taxes.

We are grateful for your interest in our cause and foundation. We trust that you see the true value and impact you may have by helping those with spinal cord injury and other neurological disorders.