We look back to a warm-full end of 2017 with great memories and achievements. Participating in the symposium of 20 years of Lei di Labizjan organized by Fundashon Totoliika. Welcoming the team winklaar to get information of what we are doing, we documented the moment with different pictures with the big and famous Roelly Winklaar. We also had our last pump on wheels with Ruth Kroes at our facility. One of the great things also was our meeting with CHATA, MEO and CTB to give a presentation of the results in the report of our inclusion project. Since we are know 1 year open at our facility we wanted to do a survey to see how satisfied our members are and every member reacted positively and we are gratefull for that. Finaly we closed the year with our year end gathering where we also had Aksel Cijntje as a special guest and he donated a hand-bike. So it was a good way to end our 2017 as you can see in the video. As alway we want to encourage you to share with others or you can make a donation here