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  • Alton Paas

    Alton Paas is a 22 year old miracle, an inspiring young man with many visions and an enormous fighting spirit. Born with a talent for music and still lots of other talents ready to be unveiled. A miracle, because Alton was involved in a car accident due to a heart problem

  • Our Projects

    Prepare and implement one or more activities that help us reach our goals to raise awareness and to work for a better quality of life for people with spinal cord injury and other neurological disorders in the community of Curacao.

  • SCI knowledge

    Spinal cord injury has been described as one of the greater calamities that can befall humans. In the other hand research has shown that in relationship with spinal cord injury, or any neurologic disorder, recovery doesn’t stop one year after injury.


We are grateful for your presence on our website and acknowledge your interest in the SCI community in Curaçao. For that we assure you that you will be informed, empowered and inspired by our website.