Bob Car Wash gives back to support accessible transportation for wheelchair users

Feb 28, 2021 | News

Despite of all developments in Curacao, we can still notice the limitations that there is for wheelchair users in Curacao. The public transportation is not wheelchair friendly and, in most cases, accessible transportation cost more. Therefore, most wheelchair users can’t afford accessible transportation because most don’t have the financial means to cover all transportation costs. Specially transportation to social and recreational activities such as go swimming, dine out, shopping and more…

As a nonprofit our goal is to improve the quality of life of people with spinal cord injury and after noticing how the limited mobility affects the quality of life, we were able to acquire two wheelchair friendly vehicles with the support of the government. These cars that we call Wheelee now does on average 2042 rides per year.

One of the challenges that comes with such initiatives is the value of partnerships to lower the cost and to be able to help more. Providing opportunities to include people in wheelchairs more actively in our community.

That is why such a partnership with Bob Autowas Curaçao definitely helps. By supporting us through their ‘Easy Cards’ that we will be able to use at one of their branches to help maintain both Wheelee clean so that everyone in wheelchair that needs to be transported can feel comfortable and safe.

Specially during these troubling times, partnerships are becoming more valuable and there is always more opportunities to partner and help more wheelchair users to improve their quality of life.