100 Woman Who Cares Curacao

Nov 16, 2018 | News

There is a dynamic group of women here on Curacao with a passion to make a difference. This group has chosen our cause to make a difference.

It was in the month of September 2018 that the group has had their meeting of Woman Who Cares Curacao. 100 Woman Who Cares Curacao is a group of women that wants to make a difference but doesn’t have the time to participate in charity events or organize fundraising and neither has the time to get information of all the causes on Curacao. So they adopted the concept of 100 Women Who Cares from the USA.It was first started in Jackson, Michigan by Karen Dunigan in 2008.

The group gathers four times a year and each member comes with a $100. In Curacao it is ANG 100,- and they submit a cause/nonprofit of which they believe deserves to win their donation and anonymously they pick out 3 nominees. Each of those nominees gets a chance to share a story or presentation to defend why that nominee should get the donation.

Our foundation was nominated once but we didn’t win the prize. Last September 4, 2018 we were chosen as nominee and we had two of our lady board members also participating to share more of what we do.
To our surprise there was for the first time a tie between 2 nominees and it was decided to go one more round of vote. In the second round of vote it became official that we won the donation.

For us as an organization we really appreciate every donation we receive. In this case it has helped with our specialized exercise facility and to get an expert of neuro recovery on Curacao. Eric Harness is the founder of Neuro Ex and world-renowned specialist of activity-based training. He provided a special training to our staff to help people with spinal cord injury or other neurological difficulties through activity-based training.

The biggest value we see in these types of meetings where we get a donation is that we raise more awareness of the need on the island regarding spinal cord injury, stroke and other neurological disorder. Specially because in most cases someone gets paralyzed after having lived without that paralysis for a long time. So, you never know who might become paralyzed by an accident or disease. Having people understand the situation and see how far we’ve come and where we are going, they could have the confidence that despite of any circumstance anyone suffering from paralysis can live a healthy and happy life. That’s why each support is so important to get to that place where everyone suffering from paralysis can have a good quality of life.

If you also want to contribute to make that possible you can always donate on our website securely with your credit card or you can do it through a bank transfer to one of our bank accounts.


As last we really want to say thank you to those brave woman who cares and makes a difference. Because of them Curacao has a brighter future!