#Love Week

Feb 18, 2018 | News

Since the last year we started decorating more often to create the mood for certain season or celebrations. This year we decorated for carnival for the first time but there was Valentine’s day right after carnival. So thought about something special that we can do for our members at our exercises facility.

We believe that everyone should share love everyday and when there is a special occasion, we can do that a little differently. So we made cookies shaped out if hearts and put a pair of cookie in a bag.We had for members even the volunteers. On the bag we put a note including their name and the following message in papiamentu:


Love overcomes everything, one cookie is for you and the other is for someone dear  to you!


We placed it on Valentine’s day and let each person search for their name to pic theirs. Everyone was very pleased of  their cookies. We made some photo and even got whatsapp message as gratitude.

After the years in colon noticed that our facility is not only helping the members physically but also socially. The fact that those cookies started a positive conversation during that whole week.

With this initiative we trust that we inspire you and others to also share love differently with the people around.