New Equipment

Nov 2, 2017 | News

Since the start of our membership program at our facility in colon we have grown. With each growth comes with new responsibilities. We started three times a week in the afternoon and now also 3 times a week in the morning. So to address the demand we managed to add new equipment to our facility with the help of Stichting Johannes Bosco.

We have different equipments and it depends on a persons strenght and goals they choose which equipment they want to exercise with. The Motomed leg trainer was always a favorite equipment because it is an automatic bicycle that moves the legs in a safe way despite paralysis or spasticity. We have one of our volunteers that help’s our members with less to non-leg movement to put their legs in the leg placements. Most of which are in wheelchairs but there are people who can move their legs and that are not in wheelchairs. They use a regular chair to sit and then place their foot in the foot placement. They share that they have noticed positive difference after using it consistently. But as we get more members it becomes less available, some people use it for 10 minutes or sometimes even 20 minute. Passively moving the legs.Therefor we had to reach out for a helping hand to some organizations.

MOTOmed viva2 is considered the classic in movement therapy.

The MOTOmed viva2 leg trainer is a perfect supplement to sports and movement therapy in medical facilities and at home, because it enables regular activity independent of weather. As mentioned besides as leg trainer, the MOTOmed viva2 is also available as leg- and arm/ upper body trainer. The MOTOmed arm-/upper body trainer can be swiveled in and out in the training area. The arm-/upper body training strengthens the arm-, upper body- and shoulder muscles and reinforces the auxiliary respiratory muscles.


Beside of having a second Motomed we’ve picked the model with one more feature. Now even people who have less to non-hand movement can use the new Motomed because of hand trainer that comes included with the new Motomed. We had two members with less arm/upper body strength to try out the arm trainer. They noticed a difference immediately with our hand cycle. It can be more though because of the difference but because it is automatic when your are tired, the motomed takes over and keep you moving.

We believe this equipment can also be a great value for people that may have one arm weaker than the other. So we are excited for this new journey and to keep providing alternatives and opportunities for people with spinal cord injury or other neurological difficulties.