Selebrá Abilidat

For the second time a group of 12 organization came together to celebrate the abilities of people with a disability on December 3rd, 2021. This date has been declared a international day for people with a disability by the united nations since the year 1992. Despite of COVID regulations it was important to raise awareness on this day through diferent activities covid-proof. Because of this we have managed to:
-Organize a walk with minister and parlament to experience a disability
-publicly annuancy the construction of a permanent ramp at the kios on Brionplein
-Share the wishes of people with a disability on all local television
-Publish 4 awarness video on a special facebook page
-Stimulate people in the media to dedicate the program or a section for a interview with a person with a disability

See below for some of these activities!

The Walk:

Prime minister Gilmar ‘Pik’ Pisas experience a wheelchair
Member of the parlament Ana Maria Pauletta experienced to be blind
Representative of Minister Larmonie experienced a wheelchair


Ramp Details:




Awareness video’s:






Read the press releases in papiamentu:

A entrega petishon na Promé Minister pa ratifiká tratado di nashonnan uni pa derechi di personanan ku un desabilidat

Pa di dos biaha fundashonnan ta uni pa selebrá abilidat riba dia 3 di desèmber


Active chance, Johannes Bosco, MCB, Gewi, Banco di Caribe, IBIS, Guardian Group Fatum, BTP, Ralfmed, Vida Nova Bank, ADC, Wit Gele Kruis, Carin Cares, Optica Antiliana, El Tributo


12 Organizations:
Fundashon Pro Bista, Fundashon Alton Paas, Asosiashon Totolika, De SGR-Groep, Stichting voor Auditief Gehandicapten, Fundashon Amigunan Uni, Fundashon Kontakto, Handicaps Rights Foundation, Sentro Solaris, Funditut, i Stichting MS





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December 5, 2021