About Us

‘Fundashon Alton Paas’ is a non-profit organization founded on 7th of September 2012. This foundation was founded by Alton Paas, a 21 year old inspiring miracle with the help of some supporters.
Alton is a miracle because he was involved in a car accident due to a heart problem (Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome) on November 22, 2009. He had suffered a serious spinal cord injury. After the subsequent medical procedures and the rehabilitation programs, he remains dependent on a wheelchair, unable to walk. Despite the limited after-care opportunities locally, Alton is committed to the efforts to seek further improvement of his condition. After his injury Alton has discovered that he is on this earth to help, inspire and motivate his fellowman.
On his path to recovery he made himself a promise to work for a better quality of life for himself and his fellowman with a SCI or with other physical disabilities. That’s why he founded ‘Fundashon Alton Paas’ (Alton Paas Foundation).

At this moment Curacao doesn’t have any law to help or protect the disable community. Also, there is no center on the island where persons suffering from a spinal cord injury or other neurological problems in a wheelchair can go to receive special intense exercise based training. A normal person has to exercise to be in condition. For a person with a neurological disorder or with a spinal cord injury or with a physical disabilities, it is a must to do exercises to maintain a long healthy life. With a disabling condition on-going therapeutic exercise should become a way of life. Exercise is their medicine.