Why Did We Receive The Rose of Saint George?

May 17, 2018 | News

baden powel founder scoutingOn 21st of April is a special day for scouting on Curacao. This day has been acknowledge as a celebration in remembrance to Saint George. Saint George is the patron saint of the scouting worldwide. Baden-Powell founder of the scouts chose St George as the Patron Saint of Scouting as the story of St George show him overcoming adversity.

To quote Baden-Powell: “All Scouts should know his story. St.George was typical of what a Scout should be.
When he was faced by a difficulty or danger, however great it appeared, even in the shape of a dragon – he did not avoid it or fear it but went at it with all the power he could.
That is exactly the way a Scout should face a difficulty or danger no matter how great or how terrifying it may appear. He should go at it boldly and confidently, using every power that he can to try and overcome it, and the probability is that he will succeed.”

Therefore every year scouts celebrates.the feast of saint george and also renew their promise as scouts. A whole day with different activities of which Fundashon Alton Paas was invited to receive the Rose of Saint George. That is a recognition of the charity work we do and as Saint George we face adversity with confidence and courage.

saint george slaying the dragon

For us as organisation is something deeply honored since our secretary, Shirley Kopra is still an active scout and even our chairman Alton Paas was an active scout in the past. We appreciate all the recognition we receive because for us it is not only about the recognition but the awareness we create each time our story and cause comes forward, the lives we change because of it, some of the difficulties we prevent.

In Curacao alone there is a average of one stroke case per day, one spinal cord injury a month!  There is allot to do and we will stay focused and face any difficulty or danger however great it appears and go for it with everything we got.

fundashon alton paas recives rose of saint george