We started the year with some great achievements. We had our new years board brunch, reflecting and bonding in a relaxing atmosphere to prepare for our 2018. One the great moment was receiving the Kuki-Award for being the client of Kuki+Ko with the most up to date website. We also had the Moru Bondia Challenge with Nicole Maduro, Tito Dora and Janis. We had Jhoyceline accompanied us with this challenge to let the crew of Moru Bondia experience from Brionplein to Whilhelmina plein in a wheelchair. We had the honor of welcoming Aksel Cijntje founder of ‘Stichting You Are A Hero’ to talk about the possibilities of receiving second assistive equipment’s from Holland. As usual we also had the first Pump On Wheels with Ruth Kroes for this year and it was a blast. Finaly we announced publicly to save the date for that will be happening on 4th of March