Our Own Parking Sign

Jan 23, 2018 | News

We are now more than one year since we started with our membership program. One thing that we requested from the administration of Colon to include in our contract was special parking spaces, especially because we have wheelchair users coming to our facility. Despite our initiatives and advancements, a disabled parking space is not a normal thing yet. So after the renovation of the parking lot of Colon we had transformed our parking spaces to special parking spaces with the disabled sign and also our abbreviations colored in our 4 parking spots. We noticed that it wasn’t enough. People park their cars without any hesitation or respect for the disabled sign painted right in the middle of the parking spot. That was the moment we got the idea to put a special sign warning drivers that these parking spaces are only for clients of Fundashon Alton Paas and unauthorized vehicles will be towed away on the cost of the owner.

We are very pleased to have gotten a support of Art View which has printed the sign on the plate to warn every driver that those specific parking spots are available for clients of Fundashon Alton Paas that are using wheelchair.

After putting up the sign we have noticed les people parked in our parking spaces so that is a good start. We still are working hard to bring the awareness and that one day we all can respect the disabled parking spots.