Wheelchair, a good trade or tool of hope?

Apr 5, 2017 | Blog, News

For some, it is something they do not want to see, for others it is a very sad tool, something malicious. Others use it for convenience and for certain privileges at some stage. For others it is a means to earn money, a good trade. For those with disabilities a wheelchair is something else.

With a wheelchair there is hope to be able to move despite a paralysis. You can also have an independent, social life with a wheelchair. A wheelchair is a means to achieve goals and dreams. With a wheelchair the severity of a disability is lighter. A wheelchair is a “tool” that moves with the person and gives him security.

A wheelchair is not a sad thing, not depressing, much less a hindrance for the ones who really need it. The world is daily aware of the needs of someone who is in a wheelchair. We can look at the architectural advances to cover some of the needs such as elevators, wheelchair parking, more spacious spaces and ramps. All this is done to make the life of a person more comfortable and pleasant, so that the person can feel that he is also part of the community.

We are not where we should be, but we can be happy with the advances that are there and be more aware that THEY ARE MADE FOR PEOPLE WITH PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS!

Therefore we want to bring awareness to the community who has the privilege of enjoying no limitation, to have the respect for places and property of those who have it. Each of us can be part of a fair society, where everyone in an integrated manner can be part of the whole community, as we become aware that we have rights and obligations toward ourselves and others, and we have to respect and comply with them.

Written by Jhoyceline Lovert

Picture taken by Caroline Castendijk at Congress Understanding Spinal Cord Injury & The Life After