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9% of our community has a limited mobility. That means more then 10 thousand people that has difficulty to enjoy and participate actively in our community. Wheelee is an accessible transportation specially to help people in wheelchairs.

Wheelee serves as a vehicle that facilitates accessible transportation for recreative and social activities. If someone needs to go the doctor, therapy or medical treatment, it is easilly covered. The dificulty is for someone to get accessible transportation to go to church, visit a family or friend, go swimming or any other recreational activities. You have the opportunity to change that by making a monthly donation of ANG 15,- to help people in wheelchairs.

When you commit monthly you will help more people and have a bigger impact.
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It’s about creating a future without limitations.

Being in a wheelchair or having a physical disability should create a limitation in our community.
Everyone deserves a chance to enjoy life. To be able to eat out, go swimming, visit church and more. With your contribution you don’t only pay for the ride but also an activity that the can do or experience.


Your contribution does not only cover the ride but also the activity as well. Our ongoing efforts to improve accessibility has shown more opportunities to visit restaurants, malls and different other places that someone in a wheelchair can visit by themselves or a companion.

Reporting back to you

Once a month you will receive an email about the impact of your commitment. You can find pictures or video about the people, their stories and how you’ve made a difference.

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