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Tira un bista aki na nos ultimo videonan ku nos a publiká

Videoclip Selebrá Abilidat

We are so excited and grateful to have made this production possible with Aemy Niafeliz and together with Asosashon di Mayor Tototlika, Pro Bista & Stichting Handycap Ouditivo. This has been part of our efforts to...

A recap of 2023

This video is a moment of reflection by the chairman Migarda Martina to share the highlights of 2023 and express our gratitude to all the supporters, partners and staff of Fundashon Alton Paas that made all of this...

Un mama ku ta lucha pa su yu

Den e video aki nos por skucha e historia di Melba ku ta ta mama di Evan. Evan ta un di nos klientenan ku ta bini e seshon di ABT serka un di nos trainer nan sertifiká pa e por mehora su kanamentu.