Help create a future without limitations

Volunteers is one of our main pillars to the impact of our organization. As a volunteer you can help create a future without limitations. We are honored and grateful to everyone that choses to give their time and efforts to make a difference. Through Fundashon Alton Paas you can get a platform to make a bigger difference.


Area’s of need

Look at the different area’s that might interest you to volunteer. There is a committee for each area that is connected to the goals and mission of the foundation to help create a future without limitations


In our media committee you will be involved mostly in awareness projects. This can be by creating video’s, writing blogs or articles, flyer design, website management, help promoting events and more.


In our fundraising committee you will be involved projects that raises funds for the organization. These can varied between getting new donors, contacting companies for donations and more. 


In our accessibility committee you will be helping to improve accessibility in Curacao. That would include promoting our accessibility guide, auditing companies on accessibility and more.


In our event committee you will be either helping organize events such as open houses, celebrations or helping during other events at stand giving flyers, sharing information and more.


In our medical committee you will be able to participate in local and international networks related to spinal cord injury or disability in general. Participating in different workshops, courses or meetings. 

These are some of our volunteers

Because I am young individual that likes to help and serve the community, I made the decision for myself that I would like to contribute as a volunteer in different organization. That is the reason why I choose to be part of the Alton Paas foundation as a volunteer so that I can help raise awareness within our community regarding spinal cord injury.

Brittney Cecilia

Coming Soon

Komishon Fundraising

I choose to be a volunteer at the Alton Paas foundation because I started to put more attention on people with limited mobility after I had a broken ankle that I was 3 to 4 months with difficulty to move around. At that moment I realized how blessed we are that we can move around as we wish. This foundation gives people new hope, so that they can do it in their minds and to keep develop that in their body. I am proud to be part of Fundashon Alton Paas and that I can help the people that have limited mobility. Thank you Fundashon Alton Paas.

Dianira Saturnino

Komishon Fundraising