Join our 9th edition of The Annual Fitness Challenge


This is the 9th edition of the Annual Fitness Challenge. Our biggest fundraising to raise funds to help people with a spinal cord injury and other neurological difficulties. It’s all about coming together, move and have fun. It’s a 6-hour fitness marathon with 4 areas of activities. You can purchase one ticket to participate in one or more activities or buy the Walk ticket to do the 5k or the 10k walk. All funds of this fundraising will go to cover wheelchair-friendly transportation, exercise programs and other types of projects to raise awareness and also improve the quality of life of people with a spinal spinal cord injury and other neurological difficulties


6:00am - 12:00pm

International School of Curaçao

4 areas of activities

Purchase a ticket and participate in one or more activity.

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Join 1 or all of the 8 different 45-minutes fitness sessions will be held in the auditorium of the international school of Curaçao.


Join the spinning session in front of the auditorium for up to 1 hour. Spots are limited. Registration in advance is required.

The Walk

The walk is a 5k and 10k marathon. Both distances starts and finishes at International School of Curaçao.


There will be different healthy products and brands offering special promotions on this day

Checkout one of the last editions

Get an impression of the Annual Fitness Challenge of last year by clicking on the video below

Fitness sessions Schedule

Below you can find all the times of the different fitness sessions happening in the auditorium of International School of Curaçao

6:00 - Yoga - Isiomar de Leeuw

This 45 minutes Yoga session is given by Isiomar de Leeuw

6:45 - Zumba - Freddy Ramos

Zumba is well known fitness program using hot music with tropical vibes to burn those calories

7:30 - BBB Workout - Burnard

BBB Workout stands for Bill, Been & Buik. it’s a workout focused on the butt, the belly and the legs

8:15 - Fit Combat - Raimundo Betancourt & Angelina Freitas

Fit Combat is a session using special boxing techniques

9:00 - Line Dancing 60+ - Ruth Kroes

Line Dancing is a special session for everyone 60+

9:45 - Pump on Wheels - Ruth Kroes

Pump on Wheels is a session specially designed for people in wheelchairs but everyone can join sitting in a weelchair

10:30 - Power Pilates - Arianna Ribeiro

This Power Pilates session is given by Arianna

11:15 - ShotoFit (Fitness for kids) - Ingelor Keller

ShotoFit is a fitness program that combines Shotokan Karate with Fitness. For this occasion it is specially prepared for kids between the ages of 8 &15

Spinning Instructors

Below you can see all the spinning instructors for each one-hour session

6:00 - Mariluz Cuello
7:00 - Yoslym Gouveia
8:00 - Nancy Wanner
9:00 - Suzy Franciso
10:00 - Angelina Freitas
11:00 - Enrique Arvelo

The Walk Routes

Below you can find the description of each walking routes

5K Marathon route description

Start at ISC – Koninginnelaan – Margrietlaan – Wihelminalaan – Julianalaan – Oranjelaan – Emmalaan – Mauritslaan – Beatrixlaan – Schottegatweg Noord – Van Kinsberglaan – Aztekenweg – Kaya Vladimier R.R. “Coco” Balentien – Schottegatweg Noord – Beatrixlaan – Juliana Van Stolberglaan – Irenelaan – Christinalaan – Regentesselan – Magrietlaan – ISC

10k Marathon route description

Start at ISC – Koninginnelaan – Margrietlaan – Wihelminalaan – Julianalaan – Oranjelaan – Emmalaan – Mauritslaan – Beatrixlaan – Schottegatweg Noord – Van Kinsberglaan – Aztekenweg – Kaya Vladimier R.R. “Coco” Balentien – Commanchestraat – Incastraat – Matanciastraat – Snipweg – Corrieweg bai ku e rotonde – Andres Belloweg – Puebloweg – Comancheastraat – Kaya Vladimier R.R. “Coco” Balentien – Schottegatweg Noord – Beatrixlaan – Juliana Van Stolberglaan – Koninginnelaan – ISC

Walking Instructions

There is 4 instructions that we’ve lined up for our participants to insure a great and safe experience throughout the walk.

1. You will receive a paper with the route description stating all the street names prior of the walk

2. At the beginning of the walk, there will be a person to give instructions with a speakphone before the countdown to start

3.There will be signs with the 5km route, the 10km route and also arrows pointing to which direction you have to walk

4.There will be people on the routes with the “Jolly Walkers” polo-shirts of mint color that will be holding a small Curaçao flag to help guide if needed


Exhibitor List

Below you can find all the exhibitors that will be present during the event to show all participants what they have to offer

Fundashon Alton Paas

Fundashon Alton Paas will be present with a table to give information about all of their initiatives and projects

Martijn Trading

Martijn trading will participate in our exhibitor area to  offer tasting opportunities and explain about some of their special products 


 The Fortuna Team will participate in our exhibitor area to offer promotional items during the event


Sokudi will participate in our exhibitor area to give information about diabetes and also help do sugar test’s for people interested.


The team from Glacial will be joining us to offer the Glacial bottle to help cool off the heat during the event


We are able to make this a succesfull event thanks to the different sponsors we have this year as well. Below you can see our sponsors for our 9th edition of the Annual Fitness Challenge. If you also want to become a sponsor, you can call or send a whatsapp to 510-0087 for our promotional packages or sponsor benefits

International school of Curaçao
CX Events
Sito Trading
Blue Water Alkaline Water
Martijn Trading
Nature's heart
The Jolly Walkers
SM Photography
Sparta Production
Creative Eyez
Opourier photography
Bo Faktura

Participate and make a difference

Every effort will serve to improve the quality of life for people like Rashon

Your support will help people like Rashon to continue his progress and become more independent despite of his disability. Being partially paralyzed, it was clear to him and his mother that they had to do something extra in the hope of a better future. Now, after regularly going to the AP Center which is a special exercise facility of Fundashon Alton Paas, he can use his legs better, has better balance and even has a more positive attitude. That is why contributing to this upcoming fundraising – The Annual Fitness challenge is so important.

Here is what is his experience:

Exercise became like my best friend. Going to the AP Center, I feel it like a gym with my personal trainer. Now I can even stand up better and longer compared to before. 

One more testimony

This is another testimony about a person that you can make a different in their life by participation in the annual Fitness Challenge. Checkout his video and see his progress


Checkout some of the answers to the questions you might have regarding The Annual Fitness Challenge

What do I get included with purchase of a ticket?

Thanks to all our sponsors we will be able to give a free t-shirt prior to the event and during the event you can get fresh fruits, healthy drinks and healthy snacks during the event

How do I register for spinning?

You can register to participate in a 1-hour spinning session by sending a whatsapp message to us at +5999-510-0087 or click here

At what time can I purchase my ticket at Fundashon Alton Paas

Fundashon Alton Paas has specific open hours that you can pass by to purchase your ticket. We are open every morning from 9 to 12 and in the afternoon only on Monday, Thursday and Friday from 2 till 4pm. You can swipe here as well

What can I do if I want to support but I'm not interested in participating

If you would like to support you can always pay for a ticket that we can donate to someone special. It could be a youngster, a senior or a person with a disability. To arrange this you must contact us in advanced to make it happen. Contact us at 5100087 or click here to send a whatsapp message

Where is International School of Curaçao located

International School of Curaçao is located in the neyhbourhood of Emmastad. At the adress z/n Koninginnelaan. You can click here for the directions on Google Maps